Our Mission Statement

North Raleigh Pediatric Group is committed to, first and foremost, providing state-of-the-art, evidence-based, accessible pediatric care in an efficient, caring fashion.  We strive to provide this in an enjoyable, yet professional, atmosphere both for the families we care for and our own staff.  We expect the highest level of performance from each member of our dedicated and qualified staff while working in a respectful, team oriented environment.
"What is a "Patient-Centered Medical Home?"
A patient centered medical home is a model of care that strengthens the clinician-patient relationship by replacing episodic care with coordinated care and a long-term healing relationship.  Each patient has a relationship with a primary care clinician who leads a team that takes collective responsibility for patient care, providing for the patient's healthcare needs and arranging for appropriate care with other qualified clinicians.  The medical home is intended to result in more personalized, coordinated, effective and efficient care.
A medical home achieves these goals through a high level of accessibility, providing excellent communication among patients, clinicians and staff while taking full advantage of the latest information technology to prescribe, communicate, track test results, obtain clinical support information and monitor performance.
A Medical Home is not a Building.
A Medical Home begins with a trusting partnership between your Doctor, clinical team and YOU to improve and embrace your healthy lifestyle!
To full fill this partnership, your healthcare team will:
- Provide safe and evidence-based quality care
- Lead and coordinate care throughout the patient's lifetime
- Explain medications, treatments, disease and diagnostic results so you can understand them.
- Listen to you, encourage you to share questions and feelings and help you make decisions about your care.
- Look at ALL of your health needs and send you to trusted specialist, if needed.
- Use an electronic medical record to help coordinate care.
What we ask of you:
- Be in charge of your own health.
- Call your provider first with all health concerns, unless it is a medical emergency.
- Ask questions, share feelings, be a part of your care.
- Be honest and detailed when sharing your health history, symptoms and changes in your health.
- Ask how you can make healthy decisions to promote wellness and prevent disease.
- Prepare for your office visit.  Tell us about ALL your current medications (including over the counter, vitamins, herbal remedies) and refills you need.
- Keep your scheduled appointments.
- Ask questions if you do not understand something about your care.
Our Goals:
As your primary caregiver, it is our goal to do more than just prescribe medicine.  We believe in providing you with the very best options for healthy living.  When you come in, we will talk about what it is that concerns you and then create a plan to help you on the right path to good, healthy living.
Services that are Available:
- Physicals
- Camp and Sports Physicals
- Flu Vaccines
- Asthma Nurse - Spirometry, Peakflow, Asthma Management
- Pulmonary Function Testing
- ADHD management
- Certified Lactation Specialist
- Diet and Nutrition
- Full service lab
..and many more..
The key to success is based on the one founding principle that will never change - our commitment to providing quality and compassionate healthcare to our patients.

North Raleigh Pediatrics is proud to be a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home. We are certified by the NCQA on Achievement of Recognition for Systematic use of Patient-Centered and Coordiniated Care Management Processes. As your Patient-Centered Medical Home we are fully committed to providing your child with the highest level of care and excellent service for your child's health needs.

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