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Announcing the addition of a Returing to Work Class for our New Moms! Our class is from 1-2pm. Please call our office to find out what days and to sign up!
If you have multiple concerns or chronic conditions that you would like to discuss during a well visit these will now require a seperate visit.
We are now requring that you bring your insurance card to EVERY visit, no matter how recent or frequent you have been to our office.  The number one reason for delays in obtaining prior authorization is incorrect insurance information. When you get new insurance cards from your insurance company, make sure to put away the old card and only keep the new one with you. Some insurance companies now have separate medical and prescription cards, make sure to always have both on you at all times.  Thank you for your cooperation!
PLEASE BRING ANY FORMS TO YOUR CHILD'S PHYSICAL APPOINTMENT! PARENT PORTION AND MEDICATION PORTION OF PHYSICAL FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO DOCTORS PORTION. There is a five day turn-around for any forms to be completed with no charge. If you are requesting it to be ready in one business day, there will be a $10.00 charge. If you are requesting a form to be completed the same day, we must receive it before NOON, and there will be a $20.00 charge.
In order to sign up for the Patient Portal please send invite requests to NRpeds@rdmgpa.com. Please indicate the child's full name (no nicknames), DOB and the email address you would like the invite to be sent to.
Our newborn classes will be held from 1-2pm. Please call our office to find out the dates and to sign up!
Do you have a new 2015 United Health Care insurance card?  Please check your card to see if you have one of these three plans: Compass, Charter, or Navigate.

If you have one of the three plans listed above, there are new guidelines that are required by your insurance plan! 

1. Our provider MUST be listed as PCP on your child's card.  This is not optional and CANNOT be changed after a visit.  If it is not changed before your visit at our office, you would then be responsible for all charges incurred at that visit.
2. Referrals now require prior authorizations (except x-rays).  So, we must obtain a prior authorization BEFORE we are able to send a referral.  Specialist will not be able to see you without prior authorization.  Referrals MUST be re-authorized every 6 months.
All physical forms for school, sports,or daycare need to be brought to your child's physical appointment with the parent portion AND your child's active medication portion completed. This will save you and the doctor's time!
Our tours are held between 6-7pm for expectant parents and families new to the practice.  Call for dates and to sign up! Appointment is required.

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