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We offer many services in addition to our normal sick and well visits.

Comprehensive Asthma Management

Asthma is a chronic, life-long disease that needs to be managed aggressively. Current asthma management guidelines recommend visits every six months. Our certified asthma educator can perform spirometry, teach proper inhaler and spacer techniques and, with your doctor’s help, create an asthma plan.


Several of our doctors recently gained privileges to perform newborn circumcisions at Rex Hospital and WakeMed. We are one of the first three local pediatric groups to be so credentialed. If you wish to have your newborn son circumcised, we will be happy to discuss the procedure during the first newborn exam, and plan to perform the procedure prior to the baby's discharge.

For those parents on NC HealthChoice or Medicaid, self-pay or who deliver at another hospital, we can also perform circumcisions in the office.

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